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Learn in-demand skills and launch a new career as a Web Developer with this intensive web development bootcamp.



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The Bootcamp Experience


BCI is more than a Web Development Bootcamp: it’s a career transformation experience. Beyond learning the essential technical skills you’ll need to start a new career as a Web Developer, you’ll gain hands-on, industry experience through unique real-world projects where you’ll work alongside industry professionals on real business problems and collaborate with designers, and digital marketers to deliver a real-world solution.

Hands-On Industry Experience Before You Graduate

Get practical, hands-on experience applying what you’ve learned as a Web Developer to a real business case presented by a leading digital business like Microsoft, Mastercard, and Google. In these dynamic industry projects, you’ll work alongside industry practitioners while cross-collaborating with BrainStation students from other bootcamps to develop a compelling digital solution. This is essential experience applying your technical skills to a real-world business problem working as part of a diverse digital team, just like you will in your new career as a Web Developer.

Learn From Guest Experts Throughout the Program

BCI students get access to exclusive guest lectures and panel discussion events led by leading subject matter experts and industry professionals.


Learn in one of Canada’s Tech Hubs

Located at Innovation Works, a bustling coworking space in downtown London (Canada), BCI is at the center of innovation, surrounded by social Innovators from the South Western region of Ontario.



Web Development Foundations

Quickly get up to speed with the basics of web development, including HTML, CSS, Git, Terminal, and other computer science fundamentals. By the end of this foundational web development unit, you’ll be able to set up new projects and build styled multi-page websites from scratch by applying concepts like BEM, Flexbox, and Sass to build static web pages. You’ll also learn how to structure your projects like an experienced Web Developer and protect your work by using Git to manage files and control versions of your work.

Build Stylish, Multi-Page Websites

Master HTML/CSS and build websites with complex layouts using Flexbox. Learn to apply BEM and Sass to write efficient code, and gain hands-on experience through multiple web development projects and exercises.


Learn Your Development Environment & Tools

Get familiar with the web development environment and other key tools that form an essential part of any Web Developer workflow. In this coding bootcamp, learn the key coding skills and resources used by web development professionals every day to solve problems quickly and efficiently.



Alongside HTML/CSS, learn how to use JavaScript, one of the world’s most popular programming languages. JavaScript enables you to manipulate the underlying code of a webpage and unlocks the ability to create dynamic, interactive experiences through HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In this unit, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming with JavaScript, and will apply it to build your first web development portfolio project. You’ll also learn invaluable problem-solving skills such as whiteboarding and how to think like a programmer, which will help you throughout this Web Development program and into your new career as a Web Developer.

Learn Programming Fundamentals

Explore the basics of programming with JavaScript, and immediately apply it towards building interactive features into your websites combining HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With a solid understanding of programming and computer science fundamentals, you’ll have an easier time learning new frameworks and computer programming languages in the future.


Use APIs to Access & Use Data

Learn how to use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to incorporate dymanic data into your interactive websites.

Get Hands-On Experience With Real-World Projects

In this Web Development bootcamp, tackle hands-on projects that challenge you to apply what you’ve learned, building web experiences from mockups made by real designers. As you complete these projects throughout the course, you’ll be able to develop a web development portfolio of work demonstrating your new coding skills.


React & Single Page Applications 

Build upon your HTML/CSS and JavaScript knowledge to leverage React, a leading front-end library used by companies like Facebook, Netflix, and more. Because React is a library (and not a framework), it provides enormous flexibility when building rich user interfaces and has developed a passionate community with excellent web developer and software development support. Using React, learn to build Single Page Applications – progressive web applications that feel like a native app. This modern software development approach is used by companies like Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll learn how to deploy it in your own web development projects. 

Apply React to Your Web Development Projects

As the front-end library behind many of the world’s most popular web applications, React is one of the most important full-stack web developer skills.


Discover How to Write Efficient, High-Performance React Code

Learn how to structure your React application like a software developer to run quickly and effectively to deliver the best web experiences across all your current and future projects.


Build Modern Single Page Applications

Develop real Single Page Applications and learn how this approach to front-end web development enables progressive web applications to look and feel like high-performance native applications.


Back-End Development & Collaboration

Complement your front-end knowledge and build a full-stack web development foundation by learning about back-end web development. Create your own REST API web server leveraging Node.js and Express, and use it to power a functioning web application. Learn Agile methodologies and explore the world of collaborative development and pair programming – critical in-demand skills for the workplace. Through a hands-on collaborative project, you’ll leverage JIRA, an Agile project management tool, and Git for version control to collaborate on building a robust web application as part of this Web Development Bootcamp.

Build Interactive Web Applications

In this Coding Bootcamp, learn how to build back-end capabilities to gain full-stack development skills and unlock deeper functionality in your web applications using Node.js and Express. Learn to build relational databases to add a persistent data layer, and develop your own REST API to distribute data to your front-end to demonstrate your full-stack development skills.


Gain Hands-On Experience Completing a Collaborative , Agile Development Project

While expanding your software development skills, learn how to collaborate alongside other web developers on an Agile basis by leveraging Git and JIRA to deliver on a truly collaborative full-stack web development project building a complete web application.


DevOps & Professional Development

Web Development is a diverse and constantly evolving field that goes beyond writing code. In this final unit, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals for critical technology topics that round out your knowledge and prepare you for the next steps of continued learning and growth. Key topics include deployment, which is the process of launching your website on the Internet, and DevOps (Development & Operations), an important set of practices used to increase efficiency and quality for development outputs. Closing off this unit, you’ll complete your Capstone Project as part of your professional portfolio, and prepare for your new career path with BrainStation’s Career Accelerator Program.

Deploy Your Web Applications

You’ve learned to build web applications, now it’s time to publish and deploy them like a full-stack developer. Learn how full-stack web developers use Heroku to deploy web apps and explore important web development topics such as DNS, virtualization, and cloud computing. Leverage your new skills developed throughout the program to finalize your Capstone Project and prepare to showcase everything you’ve learned during Demo Day.


Prepare to Launch Your New Career

Dive deep into professional development and prepare to launch your new career path with BrainStation’s Career Accelerator Program. Define your career goals and practice and refine your presentation and communication skills and prepare to present yourself and your work to potential employers as you kick off your job search.