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By partnering with BCI Innovation Labs, you’ll broaden your reach, meet talented entrepreneurs dedicated to making Canada a leader in innovation, and develop new programs and initiatives to secure your organization’s position as a leader in your industry.

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partner or Volunteer 

Many of us have valuable skills that we can put to use in software engineering, data analysis, product management, project management, etc.

What are some of the best ways to use those skills to help out those in need?


At BCI, we collaborate with industry, academics, government, and innovation partners to build a thriving tech ecosystem that supports innovative tech entrepreneurs and stimulates Canada’s economy.

BCI Innovation Labs supports tech entrepreneurs in Canada and those wishing to start a business in Canada.  We support building Made-in-Canada solutions.

Through programs, workshops, events, and leveraging our strong network, we develop strategic partnerships that drive these goals.



You can volunteer your skills to work with nonprofits that use technology to accelerate their impact.

Volunteer with BCI Innovation Labs and help inspire the next generation of innovators! Our volunteer projects are a great way to engage employees in team building and have fun at the same time.