Hacking Minecraft

An introduction to Computer Science with Minecraft – The digital sandbox children love!

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Build pixel art, design a skin to fit a 3D model, practice your architecture and community design skills. Minecraft is a great way to bring your visions to life! 


Become an Engineer or Coder with camps on coding and Modding. You can learn logic, coding fundamentals, and design thinking in your favorite game! 


Go beyond the “Vanilla” game to explore new worlds, creatures and adventures. From dinosaurs to mushroom forests to dragons, you will be awed and inspired but what is possible! 

Hacking Minecraft – Introduction to Computer Science (Elementary)

An introduction to the foundational principals of coding and computer science (i.e., events, variables, iteration, conditionals) using Minecraft, the games-based tool that children love. 


In our Minecraft courses, students learn STEM skills while exploring the Minecraft game design process. Our Minecraft courses offer unparalleled opportunities to learn coding, and video game design, allowing kids to use their creativity and imagination to build game levels and take on the roles of engineers. 

Hacking Minecraft – Advanced Concepts in Computer Science  (Elementary)

This program is an introduction to Coding with JavaScript in Minecraft.  Participants will be introduced to more advanced topics and approaches for using loops, sequencing, conditionals, variables, and functions. In these lessons, you can choose to code in blocks or JavaScript.  

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Engineering and Design  

Minecraft modding lets kids & teens learn to mod Minecraft and develop their programming skills by designing new game design elements into their Minecraft game.   

Kids explore Minecraft game design concepts by creating their own levels, maps, structures, and design them for others to explore.