BCI Startup Factory

Build Your Company With Seasoned Experts

The Startup Factory Advantage

When we accept a company into our startup factory, we surround you with seasoned experts who become part of your team and work with you to build your dream.

We prepare you and your team to be successful in a dynamic economy characterized by complexity, unpredictability, global connectedness, change, and opportunity.

Innovation Incubators

Innovation and entrepreneurship aren’t just about starting companies; it is a way of thinking and viewing the world.

Our Innovation Incubators are the intersection of education, technology, and innovation.   All our programs teach you to innovate, create, and discover your potential. 

While you work in an Incubator, you learn, collaborate, design, plan, code and build with your teammates and in so doing develop the 21st Century competencies needed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.