0 to MVP
Global Startup Program

Early-stage startup program for ambitious international founders looking to scale globally.

Our Global Startup program is delivered online via our innovative learning management platform that allows entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to participate. Matched with industry experts and experienced mentors, each participant is guided through the process of idea generation to market validation by employing a unique combination of experiential learning, experimentation, mentorship, using the same tools used in industry.

Incubator Services & Support

Creating the Space to Grow Startups

Our team of experts will provide ongoing mentoring, coaching and support during the program that will help you to build and launch your own company.

Coaching & Mentoring

Access to the best-in-class sales, growth and marketing experts who will work as part of your team to guide strategic milestones for your business.

Go To Market Strategy

Access to a software platform built specifically with tools for market validation and ensuring product-market fit

Product Development

Step-by-step guidance on Product Development from industry experts

Development Toolkits

Curated tools and resources from experts and regional innovation centres in Canada

Financial Strategy

We work with our partners to investigate new business models and alternative approaches to generating revenue that support their long-term mission and goals.

Digital Marketing

Gain access to digital marketing experts with years of industry experience

0 to Minimum Viable Product

From ideation to product development

The 0 to MVP program is an experiential startup program for international entrepreneurs and founders who aspire to launch their startup in Canada or the United Kingdom. The Global Startup program guides founders through ideation, business model validation, prototyping through to the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).

Cloud University

Learning Platform

An innovative digital space to grow startups

Cloud U is an innovative digital platform that provides comprehensive training, using industry tools and achievable milestones, that transforms an idea into a validated business model.

Become part of a vibrant international Innovation Community

Gain access to a vibrant community of innovators

Connect with techie’s, innovators, advisors, investors, co-founders, and partners.  You’ll become part of a high-performing company in a collaborative and competitive sales environment

We believe it is important to provide the resources that international entrepreneurs need to be successful in a foreign country.

We provide workshops on acclimatizing to western culture, language training and other programming, such as understanding the western mindset for marketing, to ensure our entrepreneurs have the support they need to be successful.
Dr Mark Weyers, Chief Innovator

Coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals

We work with ambitious international entrepreneurs to understand market conditions and launch their startup in Canada and the UK

Many young entrepreneurs dream about taking their startup global.  This program has been designed for ambitious global thinking innovators that want to live and work in another country while they build the next global company that will change the world.

The Research

Decades of research on the internationalization and globalization of higher education indicates that individuals that come from a foreign country are faced with additional challenges to those faced by nationals.  This is no different for international entrepreneurs who wish to explore market traction in other regions of the world.  .

Value Added Support

BCI faculty, industry experts and entrepreneurs have all experienced living and working overseas and they have extensive experience supporting internationalization in the higher education sector.  BCI has a special ingredient that ensures the success of international entrepreneurs.

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