incubator Space

Where ideas become reality

Incubator Experience

BCI Institute prides itself on bringing the real world into the classroom, by making the real world, the classroom.   Our students learn in Education Incubators, which are ‘Augmented Work Environments’.  This allows our students to gain real skills, by building software products for, and with, our tech company partners.  During their time at BCI Institute, students will have an experience, unlike any other college or university education, and will graduate employment ready.


Entrepreneurs have access to three floors of innovation where they will work in collaboration with their own company and with startup companies that have already launched at Innovation Works.  This gives students the opportunity to work with, and learn from, entrepreneurs in the local ecosystem.

Open flex desks


Students have full access to all three floors of Innovation Works which includes a large variety of flex desks and personal working spaces.

The Cafe

There is an onsite cafe that serves a range of food and drink as well as an onsite kitchen with full amenities for those that bring their own.

Team Meeting rooms

All student companies will have access to bookable rooms where they can meet with their team, customers or other companies.

The Entrepreneurial experience

BCI focuses strongly on tech and innovation and we believe that entrepreneurship is not just about starting a company, it’s a way of thinking and viewing the world.  Hear from one of our BCI coach’s Tyler Brydan, from SixFive Interactive, as he talks about what it is like to be an entrepreneur at Innovation Works in London, Ontario.

Supporting early-stage entrepreneurs and the next generation of pioneers, trailblazers, innovators, and change-makers.


Preparing individuals for success in a dynamic economy characterized by complexity, unpredictability, global connectedness, change and opportunity.




A digital ecosystem of techies, innovators and entrepreneurs who believe that changing the world and moving humankind forward is everyone’s responsibility. 





Attracting and developing high-quality global talent to the Canadian technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem.