Jumpstart Your Tech Journey with these CES 2020 Updates

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We’re all set for the New Year 2020. And, the year kickstarts for thousands of technology companies, media journalists and developers with the biggest kick-ass annual “tech event“. What better way to stir the tempest in the calendar than to attend the CES 2020 at Las Vegas Convention Center between 7 and 10 January.

In this article, we bring you the top updates from the various emerging-technology innovation companies, influencers, research analysts and trend-watchers that are attending the event.

Key Themes: People, Jobs, and Sustainability

As a race, have we lost track of our progress and let banal technologies rule our lives? When unemployment is already at its peak, most workers already live in a fear of losing jobs to robots, Automation and AI.

Some of the biggest challenges pertaining to the modern workforce arise from the lack of clear vision and innovation roadmap for unskilled, moderately skilled and agri-based workers. In the keynote session, “CTA State of the Industry Address”, CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro and CES Executive Vice President Karen Chupka shall highlight the latest tech trends and innovations on display at CES 2020.

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