3 Innovation Strategies for the Age of Digital Disruption

SPONSOR CONTENT FROM NTT By Marc Alba Otero, Senior Vice President, NTT, Inc., and Head of NTT Disruption This is not the first time in history that innovation and technology have fundamentally changed the way we live and work. But it is the first time we’ve been exposed to […]

The exponential ramp-up of available technologies we are experiencing today is not something the world has seen before. Previous industrial revolutions that transformed the world were rooted in one key technology. Today, you can mention at least 10 technologies that can change any business, any industry, any part of society.

In addition, the speed of transformation is astonishingly fast. In the past, change would take place over years, even decades. Today, entire industries can be disrupted in just a few months.

And it’s no longer only large corporations with vast resources that are at the center of change. We’ve configured a world that’s highly democratized, which means that today, anybody can change an industry.

Together, these three elements have created a perfect wave for the age of digital disruption. The question is: How should businesses respond?

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